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DungeonPlace Videocast 1: Unboxing Maui Kink 8mm Hemp Rope


It’s a test, yes, but it’s also new content! DungeonPlace is back in the content biz…

We’re unboxing a great deal had from Maui Kink ( Sure, the box was mangled, but it’s hard to kill rope.



Want to make a Suspension Tripod? Here’s how!

Portable, easily concealable Suspension Tripods are a goal sought by many a Kink! There’s a Great discussion going on over at Fetlife about them.

If you are willing to spend a bit of cash (not much, really) and take the time to learn, here’s the basics you’ll need to know. has a rundown on the materials and techniques. See the page Here.

YouTube has a great video showing us all how to tie a tripod. I’ve included it below.

This really is a cool bit of technique for anyone interested in building a basic, portable suspension rig.

Just remember…BE CAREFUL!! And you do this at your own risk. Any suspension is dangerous and takes no responsibility for your actions.

Have fun!

Tags: bondage, suspension, rigging, rigger, rope, suspension tripod, bdsm, fetish

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Lil Fucker 2 is Born

Electro Play

Electro Play

This is ‘Lil Fucker 2. It is made to hurt you. It wants to dig into your muscles and burrow through your nerves.

‘Lil Fucker 2 was born long before me and forgotten.  I took it, cleaned it, re-purposed it into a beautiful device of torture and screams.

(It even laughs like a Hyena while it works.)

LF2 wants to play. Who’s first in line?

Tags: electro play, bdsm, dynamo, magneto, electric, shock, scream, torture, hurt, pain, sadist, hyena, lil fucker 2, play

Building a Home Dungeon on a budget Pt. 2: Considerations

Part 1 was an Idea Roundup.

This time we’re going to talk a bit about space.

The Bench

When making your own dungeon you have to make the best with what you have, since most of us don’t have the luxury of making a custom dungeon from scratch.

Here, my friends, are a few of the basics to consider:

  1. Is this going be a “Transparent Dungeon”? Meaning: Once your done with dirty deeds, do you need the space to easily transform into something harmless?
  2. What are your main activities going to be? Meaning: If you love suspension, your needs will be different than someone with a love of fireplay or a love of throwing a single-tail.
  3. The “Touches what make it special”. Meaning: Sound-proofing? “Dexter” brand kill-room plastic wrap? Fire extinguishers? IP Cameras?

Once you’ve defined the vision, it’s time to make the plan. Write it down, draw it, gather your resources and start.

Here’s the beauty of a home Dungeon…you can always revise! Start simple and build up.  Do it in stages, it doesn’t have to happen all at once.

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